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The comic book industry a vast ocean filled with talented illustrators. There have been many stars to emerge from this universe, legends born of both Marvel and DC blood – not to mention the thousands of independent houses churning out new comics every year. Regardless of the industry, there are many unsung heroes like Anthony waiting in the wings. To say the market is flooded with artists is an understatement, but to know Anthony is to know a quality individual who really understands the fabric of the business. Anthony's intense action sequences and colorful delivery are spot on. Not only is he adept at character development, his unique imagination enables him to look deeper into the comic psychology of each character. Anthony's brain is literally brimming with fresh ideas and stories. Featured here were just a few samples of Anthony's raw talent. To see more of his killer works, follow the links below to visit his personal art sites. Be sure to reach out to Anthony via email (see below) or connect with him directly on LinkedIn. Thanks for stopping by...

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