Do you still love me, or am I a cancer in your eye? Does my face repulse you? Does it churn your stomach? We were close once, you and I – till death do us part – remember that promise? Look at me now, a ripple of your hatred, a punch in the tits you once lusted for.

I was so stupid then, but not anymore… You see, love is like a trainwreck. You see disaster coming, but you keep shoveling coal. I would have died for you. In fact, I did die for you – all for a stab at some insurance money and a new life.

You buried me, a cold night under rows of corn. The scarecrow wept, his tears filled my heart. Yes, a lonely scarecrow took pity on my soul. Well you have your money now, and your two-bit whores, but I reckon you'll be seeing me again real soon.

Yes, I reckon you'll love me again. I also reckon I'll cut your tiny pecker off and feed it to those hogs. You'll soon be acquainted with the chilly worms who made love to my flesh, inside and out. And your ugly little friend, that little shit with the dildo, I reckon she'll be getting that nose job she's been sucking you for.

You asshole – nobody buries me. You may have choked me out, but that was yesterday. This time I have the spade. This time you'll remember who the fuck married you – the last person who kissed your lips with love. Be ready motherfucker, I'm diggin' a big fat hole with your name on it…

Yours Forever,