"This next one I would like to show is a linocut. I liked doing that for a while. I find this one the most beautiful. It first has to be cut out of a piece of linoleum, than you print it in the color you want. If you want different colors you have to make two or three pieces. It's like a woodcut. What I present here are sculptures standing on graves discovered in Africa, a tribe that no longer exists. These pictures were taken somewhere around 1930, black and white. There's no clear view, but they were intriging enough for me."  – Benny

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Random watercolor offering most likely from Benny's early days as a painter.

Artists are different beings. What one finds as expression or beauty may not always settle in the minds of casual observers. What is presented before the naked eye is often left open to interpretation and scrutiny. It is the artist's job to communicate the feelings and deeper emotional messages necessary for interaction. Quite often, the images do not convey the entire story, the years of frustation and futility behind each visual, the vast impressions left behind on the canvas. There is a great deal of passion and psychology involved in the creative process. The artist alone must decide on the proper method for execution. Some work in oils, others in charcoal, some may even use computers. For Benny Smet, the primary mediums are pastel and watercolor – and he is one of the best. His work is loose and comes from the heart. While it is never easy to understand an artist or what they are trying to express, Benny always leaves his soul on the canvas. Whether it is an iconic musician or some ancient vista in Italy, Benny always delivers. He is a genuine artist and I'm very honored to feature his work here...

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