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Considered the gold standard in both science fiction and fantasy illustration, Peru native Boris Vallejo has clearly done it all. There are few creative forces in the world capable of moving mountains to inspire countless other artists and illustrators. Along with legends such as H.R. Giger and Frank Frazetta, Vallejo's works have been globally recognized and mass produced. His vibrant images have been printed on thousands of different products, ranging from paperback novels, calendars, film posters and more. There are few areas of commerce left for Vallejo to conquer, yet he continues to deliver immaculate works of fantasy and fiction. In addition to being one of the world's finest talents, Vallejo is married to yet another phenomenal talent, artist Julie Bell. Once a model for Vallejo, the pair fell in love and became a team. They now create art together and continue to dazzle legions of fans across the globe.