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Brande Summers is an artist. She personifies what many creative beings experience on a routine basis. She struggles to manage her passion for art while juggling the daily challenges of raising a child. It is no small task. While Brande is very private and, at times, incredibly shy... what exists under the surface is a talented, bright individual who studies the world around her. She has feelings and compassion, yet she is driven by the choices and circumstances presented by life itself. Her art is a direct reflection of her emotional state – at times wild and eccentric, but more often adventurous and bold. Her approach to art is unscripted. It is organic and raw. There is nothing pretentious in her work, she simply operates on impulse and nerves. Like a nervous kitty backed into a corner, Brande's art is a defensive reaction to a painful memory. If pushed, she will let you know that she has claws, that you can never count her out simply because she's quiet. Perhaps Brande Summers truly is misunderstood, but her work is no less important. There is a gentle part of her nature in each piece of art, and I'm so honored to have just a small glimpse into her humble world. For such caring and dedicated mother, I pray the winds of fortune will finally blow in her direction. If anyone deserves a stroke of good luck, it's Brande Summers...

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