I came across Jim Carter on Linkedin after reading several of his insightful comments. I sent Jim an invite request and he gladly accepted. I figured he must be an interesting person since he is a spiritual tribal shaman, not to mention a veteran of the armed forces. What was most interesting to me was Jim seemed to have a genuine interest in people. I noticed he didn't just post generic messages, he was really intrigued by what people were doing or thinking. On further exploration, it turns out Jim also has a savage imagination hiding in his spiritual center. Presented here is our first grisly glimpse into Jim's clever playground – an introductory tale ripe with palpable terror: Solomon James.

By Jim Carter Jr.

Journal Entry No. 1
Life feeds on life. This means all life is vampiric in some way, or at least that's what I say to make me feel less guilty about the vampire I am. I'm not your run of the mill blood-sucking freak – no I am a bit more high class than that. I am actually a soul-sucking vampire, better known as an Incubus in some of your mythology. That myth speaks to my kind feeding on sexual energy, and while sex is tasty, a simple piece of your soul will satiate my endless hunger. My name is Solomon James and I am a vampire.

You have no idea how easy it is for a soul sucker like me to feed on you unsuspecting victims. It's due more to how I feed which has enabled me to survive for 30 years before knowing what I am, what I do, and how I do it. I thought I was human just like any of you for a good majority of my life prior to discovering my secret. Imagine waking up one day and not being human anymore, yet nothing had happened, as if you had never been human at all. Even now, after many years I still guilty about being the vampire I am.

The nice thing is that we soul suckers never have to kill to feed. Point in fact, our Number One rule is to take care of our food. We often use relationships to feed. It's in our best interest to ensure a spouse eats well and exercises, that she is healthy in order that we also have something healthy to eat ourselves.

There are many benefits and drawbacks dependent upon how we feed and what we do with our food. We can assist in keeping you healthy and feeling well, as well as do wonders for adding years on your life. Soul suckers can also leave you feeling sickly or diseased once we have taken the best of your soul for consumption.

We're not benevolent by nature, though some of us lean that way. You are food. In our eyes you may as well be cattle or pigs or chickens. I must confess that it is weird having a real conversation with your food. Even more bizarre is having sex and knowing you're feeding at the same time. Perhaps it is only weird for me since I spent so long thinking I was human.

Despite the fact that I can feed on your soul, I still enjoy the same kind of food as you. I'm a big fan of greasy cheeseburgers loaded with grilled onions and mushrooms. It's one of the simple reasons it took me so long to adapt. I still bleed and get sick on occasion. I cannot bench press a boulder or move in a rapid blur like on television. In fact, I am basically an average runner at best.

I do have other abilities, however, that are far more terrifying. I can take over your mind and make you my slave. If that doesn't scare the fuck out of you, wait until it happens one day – when suddenly you wake up and I'm inside your head…

I believe this is satisfactory for our first introduction. At least you have me to explain all this to you. I was unfortunate. I had to figure all this shit out on my own, and that is where the real story begins…

Journal Entry No. 2
I have often considered how I would tell my story, but the idea of a book felt like too much of a chore. It's not that I'm lazy, but with a life spanning more than 500 years, there's more to remember than I care to revisit. There are things I've tried for centuries to forget, vile memories of a time when I had no idea it was all real.

What is this "it" I speak of? Imagine seeing into the very deepest places of any soul you make eye contact with. Imagine knowing the deepest darkest desires any mortal would want to hide. Imagine knowing a friend was a pedophile, another friend a serial killer, and another friend had the desire to commit rape, despite not having had their first victim. It was a living nightmare. I had convinced myself it was all untrue – that I was crazy. I realize this kind of thing is becoming an accepted rarity for the human species in the year 2523, however in the 20th and early 21st centuries it was still all very common.

In those days I never would have dreamed of coming out and telling my story. I had always thought one of two things would happen.

1. I would be tossed in the mental health facility and forgotten.

2. I would be taken to some lab where I would be studied like a guinea pig for countless years.

I was not a fan of either option, so how is it I was aware of such things? Let me explain. When I look into a person's eyes, our souls bond. That's when I begin to feed. During our bondage I become aware of all you are. I have a natural predisposition to keep my food healthy, so it is the sickness within you I see first – any sickness within you. As the bond takes effect, it brings your sickness to the surface forcing you to deal with it.

I do have options in this process. I can feed on that sickness and bleed it out of you nice and slow, or I could feed directly on that sickness, and that sickness alone. In that case the sickness shall not bother you as long as I feed. The last option, I can feed on everything but the sickness and leave you wrapped in your unholy demons and nothing else. Those are the options I present.

So how do you stop one who can grab you by the soul and doing as they wish? You don't. Scary to think I exist isn't it. What's more frightening is that many of us live among you. You cannot tell us apart from anyone else. If you think all of this is a lot to absorb, imagine how I felt when I discovered this about my own life.