CHANGE: Make It So...

CHANGE: Make It So...
by Yours Truly
Published 05.09.21
RepDigest Original

I'm very proud of this article. Although it has been published on another literature site in a much less-polished format, I revised it here and submitted it as my first true RepDigest essay. It is a personal reflection on my distaste for the destructive notion of change. Recognizing that some things are simply not good in the universe, the human collective has a nauseating tendency to bandwagon for change, to the point where the general idea of unity loses its luster. That's right – a cliché bumpersticker for elitist hipsters and social justice warriors. Change… Yawn.

Why... Why-Why-Why is everything on the internet about change? Why does it feel like every scrap of literature and every nuance of editorial dreck is saturated with this gravitational notion of change? For what reason? What exactly is driving this perpetual bandwagon of self-reflection, this need to genuflect on social injustices and the perpetual wrongdoings of both mice and men? Where did it start, and by God, when will it end?

I realize these are loaded questions, and to root out their cultural significance would require deep scientific research and oodles of time. Since I don't have the luxury of either, I'll throw my funnybone against the wall and see what sort of voodoo spills out of my damaged cranium. Knowing that my words and perspectives may not sink in the hearts of every reader, you're free to change the channel in advance, because I'm not sugarcoating the lies and imperfections we all choose to suck on in 2021 – not anymore.

For starters, let's take a brief glance at the history and unhinged behavior of our collective species. From the moment we crawled from the primordial soup, human beings have been clobbering each other over the heads for resources and land ever since. Be it religion, politics or geographical dominance, the world map has been blighted by man's impulsive need to territorialize, captivate and oppress. This is nothing new. We rob, we kill and we justify. We marginalize and take what we need through greed and deep intellectual sabotage.

This is the sad reality lurking behind every human genome, behind every skeptical eye observing his or her surroundings. It is how we've learned to survive against our savage competitors. From the ancient plains of Africa to the modern boardrooms of corporate America – it's kill or be killed. To be fair, this mentality has not always served us well on the battlefield of human perception. Just ask any Jew or Native American Indian how they feel about their own tragic footnotes on history; textbook lessons casually ignored from the comforts of modern gadgetry. Ah yes, those wonderful distractions.

While my goal is not to condemn or extinguish the kind-seeking virtues of most compassionate souls, it is nauseating to think human beings are even capable of setting aside their petty little egos in the pursuit of greater enlightenment. Beyond our wildest dreams and technological advances, we still bicker and cave to the demands of those who serve a different master. That's right, we're all suckers for the politician. Century after century of lies, debauchery and arrogance – they continue to wash their hands in blood as they wipe their asses with gold. It never ends… the blind leading the blind.

So, is it time for change? Perhaps, but it's been time for change ever since we crawled from the mud – yet here we are slinging it across the aisle in each other's faces day after day. Online, in the streets, on the news. We can't even blink before someone throws a stone in disgust, before some dumb punk points an accusing finger or spits on someone for some perceived grievance. It's very disheartening and depressing; but it gets worse...

Somewhere along the line, we also decided to substitute truth and facts for shallow partisan loyalty. This is tribalism at its worst and it's very disturbing. The fact is, we will never achieve the desired change with this potent cocktail of hatred and toxicity coursing through our veins. Even more bizarre, we cling to this naïve belief that some divine entity will descend from above to save us from ourselves. It's a nice sentiment, but it will never happen. As human beings, we simply don't possess the wherewithal to recognize true salvation – not even when it slaps us in the face.

Right now, the gears of humanity are grinding in reverse. We are on a cultural path to destruction, the implosion of our fundamental kindness is imminent. At this very moment, systemic racism seems to be our favorite toy in the sandbox. We are all fighting over the roots, consequences and blame of our recent history, but I see no one willing to hug or reach out a hand to say I'm sorry. This is fucked up. Let's start over. Is this not where our so-called leaders are supposed to rise up? Is this not where change is supposed emanate from? Is this not where we learn to be better than our natural pigments or social chemistry suggest?

Biden, Trump, Obama – and every administration in every province stretching back to that first intellectual sunrise – you have ALL failed. The red and blue badges you wear are the hallmarks of tyranny. You are all conspirators in the greater sabotage of good will and human kindness. The seeds of your discontent were sewn with that very first rock thrown in jealousy. From there your children have followed suit. Instead of leading us out of the dungeons of hatred, you have fanned the flames of division and left your cultures rotting in futility. Shame on you.

We deserve better, but instead you corral us like sheep. We live in fear and wonder why we can't step beyond our limitations to meet our true collective potential. Why? Because you are in the way. You have always been in the way – a wolf hiding amongst the flock… Keeping us timid. Keeping us stupid. Keeping us unaware of your diabolical schemes. The fact is, change happens with or without you. History is rife with change, and will forever be that way so long as man draws oxygen into his lungs. You affect nothing. Your bold statements are worthless. We don't need your lies or hypocrisy, your false promises or greed. We see you for what you are and resent you for what you do, both historically and at this very moment.

The only change that will ever really matter is that for which you make for yourself. Change within before expecting it from others, because that will never happen. Move your own mountains despite the obstacles. Whatever life throws at you, whenever Rome is burning around you, don't make excuses for the actions you didn't take. Everything happens for a reason, so stop letting the hatred and ignorance of others dictate your existence. We're better than that. Focus your energy on making your own life brilliant. Everything else on the periphery will take its natural course.

At the end of the day – win, lose or draw – you are the only one accountable for the joy in your mind. So go forth, make change if you must, but never let it be said that it didn't come without hard work, discipline or genuine introspection. Make it so!