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Beyond having a stellar reputation in both the film and publishing industry, there seems to be little information in regards to legendary artist Charles Moll. Clearly an active force during the 1970s, Moll was responsible for several iconic film posters ranging from Bugsy and Logan’s Run to Three Tough Guys and White Dawn. Moll’s publishing credits in the book industry were no less impressive. His works have been associated with many sci-fi legends like Poul Anderson, Barry Malzberg and Robert Silverberg. While Moll is typically branded as a science fiction specialist, his style and range transcended all genres of publishing. Moll has delivered quality illustrations for horror novels, general fiction and comedy. His clever blend of surrealism and humor often gave his illustrations a hip, futuristic feel. As an artist, Moll was known to be heavily associated with Warner Brothers Studios. It is unclear whether he was an inside regular or hired gun, but Moll’s works were always well promoted and properly endorsed. With no shortage of professional commissions, Moll was a force to be reckoned with. Whether he is still actively generating brilliant art or has passed on to that great gallery in the sky, one thing is certain — they don’t make artists like Charles Moll anymore.