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What are your primary influences as an artist? What subjects motivate and inspire you?
I am extremely motivated by nature. I ride my bike ten miles every day and love being outside. Once again, that is the "Texas" part of me. Being out in nature inspires me. I love the way the sun is diffused between the branches of our beautiful oak trees. We have this beautiful Spanish moss that clings to these beautiful old oak and cypress trees. We have lakes everywhere. Every moment presents itself as an "artist opportunity" to paint. I just love trees… Trees are so interesting and fun to paint. I also love painting birds, including eagles and ducks. Cows are fun to paint, too.

I also love music… all types of music. I created a series, Music for Your Eyes that is based on the images that come to me when I hear certain songs. I love to read as well. I love reading about and painting galaxies. I love painting on-site in foreign countries. I've painted on-site in Italy and France with other groups of artists. I have over 60 of my favorite collections of things that I love to paint on my online art gallery. I love painting images from my favorite TV shows, including The Good Witch, Chesapeake Shores and Monk. I also love painting film noir images like Bette Davis in A Stolen Life.

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