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Your works demonstrate a bold use of colors and psychedelic energy. Is this an appropriate description, or is there something more covert?
Everything about me and my artwork is pretty straight-forward. There's not much subterfuge going on. As a matter of fact, if I'm riding a wave of emotion and painting feverishly exactly what I feel, I really try to impart that emotion on my viewer, either with my paintbrush or my verbal description. With art being such a visual medium, I'd be the "better artist" if I've actually conveyed my feeling by the actual image. However, as I've talked about before, just because I've painted it with some specific emotion in mind, that doesn't mean it will be interpreted in the same way. I think I'm just attracted to these bold, vibrant colors because of their energy. If there's one thing I'm always trying to infuse in my paintings, it's my sense of energy and passion. These bright, vivid colors help me impart that feeling!

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