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I am a fan of your magma style paintings – they are quite a trip! How is it you came to produce this style of work? What is it about this loose energy that draws you to the canvas?
I was watching various artist videos on YouTube one day and came across several acrylic pouring videos from Court Senior Art. It looked like fun! I ordered a silicone catalyst wedge online to move the paint on the canvas, bought some paint, and the pouring medium. Court Senior uses highly-pigmented paints, including the Golden brand, which produces extremely vibrant colors. Very expensive! So, I really had to start out creating smaller pieces because of the cost.

The process took some getting used to. I found out you need a LOT of paint, and a large flat space. It is unbelievably messy, but the rewards you get from these pours result in amazing designs and lots of VERY vibrant colors. I love paint and getting into the paint – and getting into fluid acrylics and acrylic pours is the epitome of getting your hands in the paint. I had paint everywhere! On me, on my table, on the floor… Everywhere! I couldn't wait to try out the process and it didn't disappoint. In fact, I now incorporate fluid acrylics into many of my paintings!

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