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Perhaps the most fascinating thing about artists is that they will always fight through an obstacle or challenge to satisfy their passion. They are willing to work through pain or personal discomfort in order to express that special something beating from within. Many are tormented. They have inner conflicts or demons. Others have afflictions – some personal difficulty preventing them from reaching their full potential. This is where we could find Ana Corral-Kelly. We could find her here, limited by her Multiple Sclerosis... but we don't. We don't find her here because she sets this obstacle aside. She goes around it. She goes over and under it. She goes through it. She picks up her brush and paints with her colorful personality. She perseveres with heart, with resilience. This should remind us all that quitting is for quitters – that we shouldn't surrender to a defeatist mentality. Why? Because our grief will be worse than any affliction. I am inspired by Ana's will and determination. She is a hero. Her legacy will be that of someone who overcame a personal challenge to produce something wonderful... a very lovely painting.

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