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For the month of December, Blacktooth has reached out to Romanian fine artist Daciana Pszota. Now living in France, Daciana has established herself as a successful impressionist painter whose works have been featured in various galleries across France and Romania. Known for her loose impressions of daily life and society, Daciana's bold strokes have proved to be an impressive formula. She continues to generate compelling works that satisfy the intuitive eye. Even more fascinating is that her career as an artist only started as recently as 2013. With such a lovely and delicate sense of style, it will be fascinating to watch Daciana's creative journey. Let's take a few minutes now and see what Daciana has to say about art, her career, and where she would ultimately like to be as an artist in the future...

Daciana, welcome to Reprehensible Digest. Tell the audience a little about yourself – your background, where you're from, what you specialize in as an artist.
Hi, and thank you for your invitation! Well, I grew up in Romania – in Transylvania more precisely. I did my studies there in tourism and economics, but I never really painted. I only did some drawings when I was little, ha-ha... I now work in a variety of styles and mediums and my paintings are almost always figurative, but I also work in expressionism, realism and abstract too. I moved to France in 2011. In 2013, I was walking into a shop one day and my eyes stopped on some white canvases and paint – everything started from there. Later, in 2017 when I met my actual painting teacher, Domé, a second-generation apprentice of Dali, I decided to become a full-time artist with big dreams. In fact, in just two and a half years I made more than 100 paintings.

What mediums do you prefer working with – acrylic, oil, watercolor, pencil, charcoal?
At first I started with oils, then I discovered acrylics. Now I work with both, but I prefer acrylics as I don't like to spend too much time on one painting – I am a little bit rushy like that!

Any particular themes, motifs or sources of inspiration you pull from as an artist? Explain...
Usually I choose specific themes. Whenever I start a collection I always stop when I arrive at numbers 11 or 22. My themes are always different… Could be something from daily life, something from my personal feelings, something that I was asked to create – but mostly it is something from history...

Name three artists, past or present, who have been a major influence on you.
I am not influenced by any particular artist. I could say that one artist that most affected me is Vladimir Volegov. He is known as a "light" painter.

Your works have been featured in galleries and exhibits? Name some of the most notable venues in which your works have been displayed.
I had my first solo exhibition called "Interferences" in Hesdin, France – of which I am very proud... I will continue on with the same collection in the first half of this year in two other locations: Museum Bruno Danvin in France, and Museum of Daces & Romans in Romania. I also had a memorable time in Murano-Venice this past October (2019) with an exhibition at The Glass Cathedral Santa Chiara. My painting won Second Prize and is now featured in a private collection within the cathedral itself. One of my paintings is also displayed at Elysée Palace in France where I had the honor of meeting Madame Macron, in which I presented her with one of my paintings. (see image below)

Daciana Pszota Art

Provide a typical day in your workshop, from start to finish – an example of how you set up, how long you work, and how you determine that you have finished a piece of art.
Well I never have a full day dedicated only to painting. I usually paint at home, lately in the evenings and sometimes up to 1 a.m. It is the silence that makes me feel that time stops and I can paint easily. During the day I start a painting after I have an idea or vision. I go to my studio in Hesdin once a week, where I also paint, but I am constantly interrupted by people. A painting is only finished when I apply my signature. That is when I feel that it is finally finished...

How do you handle criticism, rejection or ignorance from those who don't understand your art?
When it comes from those who are close to you it is very painful. If not, I am okay with it. Everyone has his or her right to choose, to think and feel.

From preparation to presentation, how long does a random painting take to complete?
Depends on the medium and the subject. Oil paintings are taking from three days up to three weeks. Acrylic paintings from two hours up to three days.

How do you motivate yourself when there is no creative spark?
That is a tough one. Usually I talk with my supporters – they are my flame – and when I sell a painting it is like I've had my dose of energy...

What are the key ingredients that ignite your creative passion?
I create because my inner voice is telling me to do so. I have too much to offer – inspiration, emotions and far too much light to share. How can I do it if not by creating something beautiful... like painting!

According to your artist bio, you are "Giving the light from me to my paintings"... How does this statement reflect on you as an artist?
Every one of us has a light inside. I started on an awakening process and discovered that my inner light is growing and evolving, that I want to share it with the world, spread good vibes. My paintings are a direct reflection of all this!

Many of your works reflect biblical themes. How has faith or religion inspired you as an artist?
I cannot say that my works are inspired from biblical themes. Religion is just a life philosophy in my opinion – FAITH is what we all have! God is the universe itself. It is in us and everywhere. The light within me is from God… The more I believe, the more my light grows and the more confident I am in what I do because He is with me!

Many of your works are influenced by significant historical context. Can you explain your love for history, and more precisely, your personal art series known as The Dacians.
Yes, true. My first name made me consider that I don't wear this name for nothing. It is a name with historical significance and comes from my ancestors – the Dacians – so everything started from there. Doing this collection, a year of research and work was necessary. The more I read, the more I realized that projecting history onto the canvas is something that I really enjoy doing. I am learning and painting at the same time.

Daciana Pszota Art

Your bio states that you worked with Domé, a second-generation disciple of Dali. What was this experience like and how much has your mentor inspired your career?
Yes, Domé was a second-generation apprentice of Dali's. His art teacher was Dali's direct student. I worked with Domé for two years, but I feel like I still have to continue on. He was helping me to develop my techniques and helped me to rise by affording me trust. I am now able to have a personal exhibition in his gallery. I thank him for everything!

Explain the colorful and energetic automobile themes you have expressed in your paintings.
Oh yes! Everything started with the thought that I have to create something more commercial in order to fund myself, to be able to continue painting. All of these paintings have original ideas in them, each of which are unique to my vision of course.

What is the best method of generating business as a professional artist?
Any way you choose to promote is difficult. These days, social media and exhibitions are very helpful.

What advice would you give to struggling artists trying to discover their path?
Everyone in this universe has his place and his time… so, believe, dream big and follow the signs!

Do you believe artists have a deeper emotional core that many people cannot understand?
Yes, I believe so. Being an artist and expressing yourself through an image requires sensitivity, vision and courage.

In general, what does being an artist mean to you?
Liberating my soul!

What are your long-term goals as an artist? Where do you see yourself in ten years?
As an artist you would love to see your biography on a long list of accomplishments. In ten years I would love to say that I participated in some big exhibitions, traveled throughout the world and was recognized as a true artist whose paintings "transmit".

Any additional skills, hobbies, or interests you'd like to share with the audience – fascinating statements about the artist known as Daciana?
Ha-ha, yes! I am an avid biker and a rock music enthusiast. I'd say the universe chose this path for me. I was brought here (France) and not somewhere else, in order to find my true vocation: painting with heart, with soul, with light... Putting history on canvas, putting a part of myself on every canvas I make. I am attracted by the spirituality as well. I believe that nothing is random in this world...

Daciana Pszota Art