TITLE: Darkness Lurks (1998)
FORMAT: Black & White Film
This image is hardly worth the presentation. It is an outwardly grim and depressing capture, a dark snapshot of some broken down trees in a swamp. I vaguely remember snapping this photo. What I viewed through my lens was not the same as the muddy print I recieved back from Wal-Mart all those years ago. That alone is another facet to my story – putting my faith in crappy processing centers like Wal-Mart and CVS Pharmasy... Disappointing prints with every roll of film delivered. I no longer had access to a dark room in 1998, nor did I possess the equipment to work with negatives as I do now, such as a high-power scanner and PhotoShop. However, I still felt there was a worthy tale hiding within this dreary landscape. It was worth the effort to salvage the negative, to see this sloppy image through on my own terms. Clearly nothing pretty, the image still has an ethereal haunting quality that demands exposure... Below is a small, somber response to what I feel when viewing this image.

Where darkness lurks... A pitch in the lonely swamp of memory, buried and deep, like a cold footstep in hell, swallowed by her muddy shadow. An owl shrieks, like a blade slicing through silence, the warm blood of a rodent which draws upon her hunger. I step further, marching forward into fear, engulfed by the need to enter with oblivion. I am now one with the darkness. I lurk within her bosom, a chilling fraction of humanity, a shadow of what I once was...

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