Words and Art by Blacktooth

Rude collector of bones, you stand before me once more with hot stinking breath and smoldering beady eyes. What chaos do you seek? What pleasures do you wish to extract from me? My sanity? My blood? My memories? Lust not for my children, fiend, for their minds are innocent of your corruption and greed. They'll have no part in this pitiful theatre, so be gone with your decadence and filthy ways. March home to that mindless pit where your broken nature defiles you, for you are nothing here – a rodent whore filled with dirty tricks and disease, a vacant shadow farted by Satan himself.

Take with you this petulant horde, this army of sucking creeps and coal soldiers, for these heretics stand no chance at the heel of my cross. Hear my words, wretched beast, for you are vulgar and repulsive, a feral wolf among infants. Perhaps my tax was not sufficient during our previous exchange, lest ye should summon the nerve to renege on our fatal contract, that you should return here to at this sacred hour to lay binding fingers upon my estate. How filthy your tongue must be to swallow such lies and rust, to bend the arrow of truth and justice.

You disappoint me, foul creature. You fill my heart with anxiety, a rich despair which strangles my breath like a pagan's noose. Indeed, your words are corrosive – they wilt the ears of children and sting the eyes of Mother Nature. Come forward, scoundrel. Come forward and witness rapture, for the divine penny is spent and the hour of shrieking angels is at hand.

Take up your talons and boggy breath – assault me with every fiber of your hatred, for I shall meet your arrogance with greater fury. Advance like fire and taste the trinity in spades, an eternal trick of light for all bastards. No longer shall your oppressive nature cloud the living, for the Lord has blessed my sword. As your dead faith simmers in a sea of screaming worms, I shall separate your grinning Death Head. That tumor filled knob will be my trophy, and those putrid eyes shall boil forever in my steaming cauldron.

Your time has come, predator, so bow down like a bitch in heat, for I am the collector now and my payment is flesh. As I see fit to whip your naked ass, the flies shall lay harvest within your blackened heart, that corrosive cinder which pumps with oil and sin. Release my love, her tenure is resolved. No longer shall you claim rights on her soul. Release her now before I sweep thee into oblivion, for you are but a Devil's fool and I am your new master. The contract is complete...

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