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From prep to presentation, how long does a random painting or illustration take to complete?
I can do a "quick" illustration in an hour, and I can also do a "speed-painting" in an hour. Sometimes having a time constraint, for example when I'm teaching class and doing a demo, is a great way to make sure I focus on the important stuff. That way I don't get bogged down in details, over-thinking, or over-working. A portrait drawing may take a couple days, while an acrylic portrait can take a couple weeks. A children's book takes an average of 3-6 months to illustrate. The longest project I worked on was a picture book called The Creation Book. It was done with cut-paper and took about 2.5 years to complete – much longer than any of us expected. I created all the artwork out of paper, assembled and photographed it myself, and did the layout and editing on computer. It was painstaking and time-consuming work!

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