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I've worked with many different artists in the past year. My goal was to bring you the best and brightest talents, to share with you their most intimate stories under the QA Spotlight banner. My objectives were to highlight their personal creative journey, the reason an artist became an artist, to enlighten you on their passion and love for art. Whether it was a career choice or otherwise, I simply wanted to reach into the fabric of their world, to understand what drives each creative being. While each and every artist has an incredible tale to tell, what impresses me most about Dena Ackerman is that she makes no excuses. Not only is she talented and bright, but she is a proud, dedicated mother who remains committed to her passion. Yup. I can't imagine juggling a career, a family of five children, and having the resolve to be the very best artist she can possibly be. Whether she is doing commissioned portraits or children's literature, Dena strives to set a positive, moral example through hard work. There are no trophies for being a parent, and it's really not my place to speculate, but I can't imagine her children would be anything less than proud. Interviews and art shows are small potatoes compared to family and togetherness, but Dena exemplifies both with grace and dignity. She proves that you truly can have the best of both worlds, you just need to work a little harder to achieve it...

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