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Featured here are the extraordinary works of artist Edward Soyka. Internet searches have revealed little information in regards to this obscure illustrator, but he was clearly an active force during the 1970s. Soyka’s first known published works emerged in 1969, after which he became a regular hand in the science fiction and horror genre. Though his works are relatively unknown, his disturbing images are often compared to the works of artists like John Holmes and Ron Walotsky. Despite his lack of commercial appeal, Soyka was one of the true masters of relentless psychotic imagery. His frightening illustrations were unsettling in nature and often featured grotesque characters drained of humanity - as if their very souls were pickled in formaldehyde. The children were creepy. The landscapes felt ugly and stark. Even his best attempts at playing nice resulted in disjointed dry nightmares. It is unclear whether Soyka is still an active illustrator. Beyond a few random cover illustrations, his production seems to have tapered off in the late 1980s. While artists like Ed Soyka are difficult to understand, his troubling images clearly made their mark. His random paintings can still be found within the catacombs of many haunted bookstores…