Golden are these memories, this playground of our youth, of timeless dreams and summers spent in bliss, a silent river to wash away our pain. Oh yes, this was our time, these precious moments, at one with the universe, the infinite laughter which bristles within.

Like sunshine on the soul, we slept under shivering stars, naked, held closer by rapture, the twisted fate of tears unknown. Our burning kiss remained, the crackle of destiny and dawn, a lonely fire that warmed our simmering passion.

Bitter years have passed, the hands of our clock beat in unison, until one day you were gone. One day you were no longer in my arms, taken by the angry river, a sad leaf on a stream, destined for nowhere fast. Indeed, I blinked – a figment of my imagination – the gold was now tarnished.

Long behind me is the shadow, the false resentment and pride, the ability to forget that sweet taste of heaven. I can no longer fathom the unmistakable, the soft trace of your skin, that puritan smile, your sweet fragrance on Sunday.

My heart beats in silence, a dull hammer that drives the final nail. Yes, life is cruel. A coal mine is all that remains, black and dusty inside my lungs, a coffin. I cannot breathe. You were mine once – and now you are his – and all I can taste is that cheap fool's gold...