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GEORGE ZIEL (1914-1982)

Born as Jerzy Zielezinski in 1914 Poland, artist George Ziel made quite a name for himself as a master illustrator in the publishing industry. He specialized in gothic romance novels and his paintings were in high demand during the 1960s and 70s. In 1939, Zielezinski’s father is said to have murdered by Nazis when they invaded Poland. Condemned to the Warsaw Ghetto, Zielezinski was later transferred to the Dachau concentration camp where art supplies and free expression were forbidden. This did not stop Zielezinski from creating art, however. During his internment he generated dozens of charcoal sketches, powerful images which captured the futility and oppression of Nazi occupation. These sketches are still featured in history museums across Europe. Zielezinski moved to New York after the war and went by the name George Ziel. His career as an illustrator really took flight in the 1950s and he remained a relevant force in the publishing industry until his death in 1982. Ziel was best known for his ability to capture dark romance and suspense. His works were often published on Gothic Romance titles and mystery novels. His works are often compared with contemporary legends like Hector Garrido and Harry Bennett.