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Artists like Gregory Proch are hard to come by. They are salt-of-the-earth talents who roll with the winds of change. I've often said that Greg is a man out of time, a person whose classical values stand against the lawless frontiers of modern art. He works old school, thinks old school, and never sacrifices his integrity in the face of conventional wisdom. He does it his way and makes no apologies for the twists and turns in his journey. Perhaps the only regret I have about leaving social media were the fine people I met – Gregory among them. I had many worthwhile discussions and learned a great deal from my peers. I only hope that exceptional talents like Greg continue to innovate and find new paths forward in their craft... always working, always solving complex problems that force us to grow. I look forward to seeing and hearing many of Greg's future compositions. His mind is not limited to a box. Instead, he thinks outside of it and redefines the parameters. Continue holding that torch for creativity, for the future is truly defined in your paintbrush my friend. Kindest blessings, stay safe out there...

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