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Have you managed to do any traveling as an artist? Any travel plans in your future?
Although some of my works are present around the world in private collections, and although I traveled a bit in my life, I never traveled exclusively for work so far. Since last year, several new projects seem to suggest that I could travel as an artist in the near future, both as a painter and as a composer. Well, at least as soon as we're able to travel again...

From a creative standpoint, name three places you would love to visit or possibly even live.
I guess that I'd be curious to visit this entire world, as its beauties seem to be countless. I'm very curious about people in their cultural variety, but to reply to your question more accurately, I'd say that New-Zealand, British Columbia and certain islands are places which really attract me. However, not mentioning Africa, North and South Americas, nor Asia sounds pretty weird.

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