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What advice would you give a struggling artist?
There could be many reasons why this artist would be struggling. If it's about psychology, I'd advise this artist get interested in the notion of "letting go." Whatever his or her struggle, the artist is providing too much energy to the fight, which results in a lack of efficiency in creativity. The artist should then wonder "What do I really want to do with my life?" and follow with the answer. This answer is a very large spectrum, of course. If it's about artistic struggling, I'd tell the artist how I solved this situation when I felt stuck in my painting practice more than 20 years ago. It could be summarized by practicing "the art of the accidental." It's yet another kind of "let go" mindset, and it's basically the core principle of Intra-Materia. It sets your mind free from its own limiting habits, its loop of thinking, its tendency to get trapped in a boring routine, or being stuck with doubts.

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