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HARRY BENNETT (1919-2012)

Best known for his work in the Gothic Romance genre, artist Harry Bennett enjoyed a lengthy and successful career as an illustrator. Born in New York, Bennett started his career as a commercial artist working for a professional engraving company before enlisting in the Army in 1940. After becoming a commissioned officer, Bennett served under Gen. Douglas MacArthur in New Guinea where he would earn a Bronze Star Medal for valor while fighting against the Japanese military. Following the war, Bennett attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago before settling down with his wife in Ridgefield, CT. From 1945 on, Bennett would continue his career as a professional artist. His paintings were used in various advertisements for companies like Buick and Pepsi Cola. Bennett would eventually be known for his countless paperback illustrations, having generated more than a 1,000 successful covers during his career in the publishing industry. Bennett officially retired in 1986, but his romantic works have been known to grace the covers of many popular writers, such as Victoria Holt, Jude Deveraux, and Robert Bloch. While Bennett clearly enjoyed a lucrative professional career, it is clear the publishing industry is severely lacking his integrity and passion. An artist whose style is sorely missed in the world, Bennett's body of works will be studied and admired for generations to come. God Bless you Harry Bennett...

Harry Bennett's Obituary