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Occasionally there are pieces of art which are published by obscure illustrators who seem to have been ignored or forgotten by the machine. Their names or signatures may indeed appear on random books and records, but they have seemingly disappeared beyond this solitary offering or two. With no trace or identity in the publishing world at large, these artists leave no calling card or trail of breadcrumbs for proper investigation. While it is unfortunate that their true potential may have never been realized, these rogue warriors still managed to create at least one lasting impression worthy of presentation. Featured here are the select works of these one-hit wonders, these faceless illustrators who possessed the gifts and vision but lacked the necessary outlets to succeed. Despite their circumstances, Blacktooth still searches for their precious work. Eventually he locates these lost treasures and compiles enough pieces to graduate them into a proper main gallery. If Blacktooth cannot present at least three potential selections, they remain among the Honorable Mention brigade. It's certainly not ideal, but it's better than nothing…