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TITLE: Inmate No. 7
ARTIST: Verónica Huacuja
MEDIA: Oil, Acrylic On Canvas
SIZE: 31.5-W x 23.6-H x 0.1-Inch
SCULPTURE (HEAD): Plasticine, Plaster, Cement, Acrylic Paint
SCULPTURE SIZE: 4.7-W x 9.8-H x 9.8-Deep / 8.8 Lbs.
COLLECTION: The Relentless. A Thousand Crimes
YEAR: 2021

VERÓNICA'S NOTES: The artwork portrays an inmate with a long, turbulent history in crime. One topic that calls my interest as an artist is the drama I read on the faces in mugshots. In this case, the fierceful gesture of the character provoked me to make up the artwork in a two-piece unit. By doing so, I seek to create a "speech" – a certain interaction between both works. My work is not an apology for their crimes. It's my interpretation of a phenomenon. To see more images of the artwork, head over to: Verónica Instagram Page

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