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TITLE: Cervical Spine Study No. 21
ARTIST: Verónica Huacuja
MEDIA: Digital Painting
YEAR: 2015
COLLECTION: Art and Radiology, Period II

VERÓNICA'S NOTES: This painting displays the innards of a human body as an intent to grip its desperate beauty.

Prosthesis Study 41

TITLE: Prosthesis Study No. 41
ARTIST: Verónica Huacuja
MEDIA: Oil On Canvas
SIZE: 10.8-W x 8.4-H x 0.1-Inch
YEAR: 2019
SERIES: Art and Radiology, Period II

VERÓNICA'S NOTES: My work has a strong influence from Francis Bacon's (1909-1992) oeuvre, who used in some of his works X-ray images made to human bodies. I find this initial resource fascinating and, therefore, I new search through medical imaging to capture the interior of the human body. This artwork explores the inner "landscape" of a deteriorated human body with an unnatural apparatus that intends to help it recover its functions.

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