Lament for the harbingers of steel and light, for the law of Itzen shall avenge with fury. What savage empire shall crumble, this spectral icon which seeks to mutilate, an open magnet for deception

Once fierce, the warriors of Vött were abolished in their tombs, an order of blackened night and death. Indeed, the masque of Itzen waits, his brutal eye seeks the full color of redemption, fits of rage have diminished his mercy.

Who shall free this King from his unholy temple, this overlord with his pinnacle of wretched fools? Let these devils rust in sacred armor, for their terror is but a wink in eternity.

Itzen Vött shall return, a prophecy brought to light by pain and abject misery. Where will you be when his soldiers transcend destiny? Who will save you from spiteful wrath and oppression? Omnipotent scourge, overlord of the underworld, fear his name, for he who never sleeps has been summoned. Itzen Vött, lord of vengeance and disorder.