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Along with Lisa Falkenstern and Rowena Morrill, artist Jill Bauman has clearly established herself as one of the leading ladies of horror. Born in New York, Bauman made a direct impact in the mass-market publishing industry during the 1980s and 90s. Her ghoulish illustrations can be found on countless paperbacks by legendary authors such as Charles Grant, Ramsey Campbell and Harlan Ellison. A specialist in horror, Bauman's work has also appeared on many fiction and mystery novels. She has been widely published on children's books, music albums, and maintains a healthy career in the greeting card industry. Perhaps the most interesting aspect to Bauman's work is her colorful sense of humor. While her imagination runs deep, Bauman has always managed to retain a playful sense of humor, a feeling that every day is Halloween. An amazing talent whose catalog is greatly appreciated, Bauman now spends her creative time painting curious pictures of cats. Rep-Digest looks forward to expanding the Bauman gallery and adding more of her specialized nightmares. To learn more about this brilliant artist, we encourage you to visit her personal website directly. Thanks for stopping by...