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It is likely that you have never heard of artist Jim Thiesen. In regards to well-known fantasy and horror artists, Thiesen’s run as an active professional illustrator was relatively brief. Born and raised in New York, Thiesen dabbled as an artist with various toy companies before establishing himself in the publishing industry in 1987. Perhaps overshadowed by the success of contemporaries like Bob Eggleton and Les Edwards, Thiesen was no less entrenched in book-cover warfare during the 1980s and 90s. Steadily producing dark imagery for popular authors like Robert McCammon and Brian Lumley, Thiesen’s work in horror was both widespread and diverse. His most recognized illustration was published in 1995 on the classic vampire novel I Am Legend by Richard Matheson. Distributed by Tor Books, Thiesen's diabolical masterpiece was mishandled and subjugated from the start. It was poorly cropped and shared needless real estate with the inflated title. Regardless of the sloppy cover presentation by Tor, Thiesen's brilliant painting still managed to effectively capture the hopeless and claustrophobic nature of Matheson's grim tale. Though his career was rather short-lived and tainted by publishing issues, Jim Thiesen still made a tremendous impact with his intense brooding visuals. The Blacktooth Cult openly welcomes J.T. into the flock and recognizes his full body of work. We appreciate his dark contributions to the publishing industry and look forward to presenting more of his amazing imagery. Be sure to check back for updates to this gallery...