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JOHN HOLMES (1935-2011)

The master of melting faces, late artist John Holmes carved out quite a successful career for himself during the 1970s. Primarily commissioned to illustrate a series of classic horror compilations, Holmes gained instant recognition for his bizarre Female Eunuch illustration published on the 1970 Germaine Greer novel. Armed with a peculiar sense of style and the courage to submit the ugliest of ugly monsters for commision, Holmes went on to establish himself as a premiere horror and fiction illustrator. He is perhaps best remembered for his grisly series of H.P. Lovecraft covers published in the mid 1970s. Incorporating a tight sense of claustrophobia and fear in his works, images by John Holmes often depicted creepy melting faces with unsettling paranoid eyes. Pleasant themes and lighthearted moments were seldom revealed in his printed works, so Holmes remained true to his gift for delivering morbid and vivid nightmares. For these simple reasons alone, Holmes has earned a permanent place in the Blacktooth Cult. Featured here are many of his finest and most grusome works. Although many of these images were uncredited inside their respective publications, Blacktooth is certain that most of these works belong to the late master. Blacktooth is hopeful that other fans will come forward to validate these works and clarify any miscues published on this website.