CHANGE: Make It So...

...With Liberty and Justice For All?
by Yours Truly
Published 05.31.20
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I wrote this in the aftermath of George Floyd's death. The consequences of the event are still burning bright well over a full year later. Derek Chauvin has since been sentenced, but the heart of the conflict still divides a nation. A new president has since been elected, but this puppet has done little to satisfy the rage of a black community. As ignorant voters, we have simply replaced one rich white man for another. Nothing changes. The hatred remains. When will we ever learn…

Ah yes, racism… America's favorite past time. Seems our glorious country is burning once more – not for the first time, and certainly not for the last time. Once again we have an incident that has divided our nation, and once again it involves a white police officer choking the life out of an unarmed black man. I do not know everything about this case – facts are pending – nor do I have all the details of prior instances involving the likes of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown.

I am not going to pretend that racism and police brutality are not somehow linked, nor am I trying to score points with a black community that is rightfully angry. Let's face it, these events stretch back for decades, if not centuries. My first introduction to race riots was in 1992 after the Rodney King incident. We all watched in horror from the comfort of our living rooms as Los Angeles burned. Now we are once again watching as history repeats itself, this time from the convenience of our personal mobile devices.

The fact of the matter is that, in recent decades, the black community has been played over and over by scheming politicians. Administration after administration, both state and federal, black and white officials alike… they march in every two to four years demanding loyalty, making promises, shaking hands for votes. At the end of the day, the black community remains depleted and neglected, often left far worse than they were in the first place with no one to provide answers.

It's probably not my place to express any of this. I'm a privileged white dude, but someone has to say it in tarnished words instead of fluffy memes about hope and togetherness. When I see riots and looting as a consequence of murder, the finger needs to be pointed in the right direction. Beyond the obvious perpetrator who ruthlessly choked out George Floyd's final breath, the finger needs to be pointed directly at our leadership in Washington.

The truth honestly stretches far beyond Donald Trump or his massive ego. This is about every previous administration that lied, cheated, and failed the black community before him. Over and over like a broken record, this sad loop of misfortune has permeated the conscience of our country. But let's not stop there, because passing blame is what Americans do best. Let's be honest and point our middle fingers at the salacious business partners of those bastard politicians – the bloodthirsty news media.

That's right, pyramid scavengers dousing the flames with bias and gasoline, always manufacturing extra smoke for their hungry ratings machine. Seems nothing sells better than a little violence and division. Truth be told, the networks are making a fortune for every rock thrown in anger at law enforcement, for every rubber bullet fired in retaliation on protesters. CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC… the list goes on and on. They win, we lose, nothing changes. Racism still exists at its core, but how deep does it really run? How can we ever gain a solid grain of truth when everything is distorted through a fractured prism?

Worse, the problem is even deeper and more complicated than anyone would ever hope to confess. Every single person harbors a secret prejudice in their hearts. It's not just about black and white. We all experience jealousy or envy, an inferiority complex that compels us to blame others for our shortcomings or sense of oppression. No single person walking this planet is free of bias, be it religious, political or otherwise. It is an uncomfortable truth, a facet of our dynamic human condition that we may never fully reconcile.

Hate simply exists. It always has and it always will. Doesn't matter what color you are or what God you worship. It's not going away, especially when we try to purge it with violence. For that reason alone, my mouth will remain shut on George Floyd. I have no reason to participate in shallow virtue signaling, yet I see plenty of it expressed on social media platforms. I will never know what it is like to be segregated, oppressed, or diminished by the color of my skin. I will never pretend to know or understand the painful roots of their history. I am not black, and so I will not piss them off further by trying to identify with their rage. It's simply uncalled for…

Although I do feel terribly for Floyd's grieving family, I also feel badly for all the hapless business owners who have lost property or goods during the riots and chaos. I feel bad for all law enforcement officers who are now unjustly painted as cowards or racists, particularly those who are black. Life is hard enough with Covid-19 decimating our communities, now we have a state of civil unrest unfolding before our very eyes. How much more can we endure as a nation? Seems only our crummy politicians are allowed to decide that fate.

Enough is enough. Let's simply move forward and mind our own business for a change. Pandering and chiming in on matters that don't involve us resolves absolutely nothing. If you weren't there, if it doesn't affect you directly, then you probably shouldn't be running your mouth. This goes for everyone in all walks of life on any given day – including me. Let's get a grip people, we're losing our bloody minds. We can do better than this. We just need to turn off the noise coming from that simmering D.C. swamp. The only thing they're good for is making us miserable. Mission accomplished…