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Of all the artists I've had the pleasure of interviewing the past few years, I'd say I know very little about the talented Juta Jazz. I've always admired her work, and we've shared many of the same connections on social media, but we had never really engaged in creative conversation. Only recently was I finally able to explore the deeper nuances of this creative ingénue. Juta's digital compositions are graceful, yet elegant glimpses into the ethereal feminine spirit. What captured my attention was her creative title – mobile artist. Not withstanding the lovely works of art she presented each week on her social media pages, I wondered what a mobile artist could possibly represent. Curiosity in hand, I reached out to Juta and secured the invitation. Now you will learn more about this fascinating artist – a bold designer who presents the universe with the balance and motion of a dancer, a gentle spirit who paints with modern technology. So buckle up folks, it's time to pay a special visit to Juta's world...

Juta, welcome to RepDigest. Tell the audience a little about yourself – your background, where you're from, what you specialize in as an artist.
Hello all! Thanks for invitation dear Aaron, such a thrill to be here. My name is Juta Jazz, digital mobile artist. I'm originally from Lithuania, but have been living in Cyprus for many years now.

How long have you been an artist and how did you get your start?
Speaking generally, the beginnings of my artist life were during my childhood, from around nine years old. I started my studies in a specialized school of art as a ballet artist. I actually didn't have a classical childhood. All of my days were only lessons for dance, music, art, and performances in theaters.

You are the first and only artist I've met with the title of Mobile Artist. Can you explain what a Mobile Artist is and how you were introduced to this medium?
The name came from the mobile-portable devices that I'm using to create. Specifically, I'm using iPhone and iPad products. In 2012 I discovered a few artists who were already working on this kind of art, and I became really inspired. There is now quite a large worldwide movement in this genre – so many artists with unique works.

Prior to 2012 when you started on this Mobile journey, what profession were you previously entertaining in your life?
I was working in musical theater as a ballet artist for quite a long time. After that, I started working as graphic designer and continue in this field to this day.

Has this journey opened new doors for you creatively or professionally?
Mobile art for me is a creative journey and hobby at the moment.

As a Digital Mobile Artist, what programs do you use to develop your compositions?
I use many different applications to create one work. It always depends on the idea I have for a specific work. You can find quite a lot in the AppStore for photo editing, painting, and drawing.

Do you work in any other mediums, such as oil or acrylic? Do you have any other forms of expression you'd like to try your hand at?
No oil or acrylics, but yes – I was trying to express myself by creating short videos and films. I was filming, directing, editing... It was nice a experience.

You also have a background in ballet. How does this graceful form of expression lend itself to your digital endeavors?
Indeed... It was the form and also the movement. All of that was still running through my veins. I had to effectively use it somewhere when I stopped dancing.

As a digital artist, you must also be well versed in graphic design as well as photography… Explain how these skills merge to form your passion?
Yes, actually they are the basic foundations of my artwork. They are what I start with.

You are not afraid of putting yourself before the camera as subject – tasteful and elegant in every way. How intimidating was it for you to take this bold step?
As I mentioned before, I was doing short films. It was sometimes difficult to arrange appointments with all the contemporary, busy people, to manage all the results. After this, when I began with digital mobile art, I found there was only one model who was always accepting of my time tables – that was me...

What has this experience taught you as an artist? How has the human form, your experience with ballet, and the willingness to bare your essence – How has this journey shaped your world?
Yes… indeed… it was a very interesting and colorful way to see myself until now. Every part had a huge influence on my personality. It has enriched my way of thinking, my sense of freedom, my freedom to express in the purest form of the body as it is... To achieve the clearest results of form, shape and movement – that was the main target of my artwork.

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When dealing with presentation, particularly with social media, do you ever receive criticism or rejection for your subject matter? If so, how do you handle this?
They once removed one of my artworks here on Instagram, years ago, when I first opened my account. Up until now I didn't have any more issues. I am sometimes met with skepticism from professional photographers for this kind of art photography. Maybe it was more general and not personal, but it was mainly discussions about the tools – shots taken on my iPhone. So yes, as the technology goes further, the cameras are getting better and better, to include mobile devices.

What are the most challenging or complicated aspects to being a Mobile Artist?
To be competitive with all the well-known kinds of art – to include professional photography as well.

What do you believe is the secret ingredient that compels you to create?
You just said it – secret! So yes, let's keep it a secret…

What are your top three breakthrough achievements as an artist – special venues, exhibits, or otherwise? What memory particularly stands out as a special moment?
I can't select just three. Each one has a very special impact to me. I've received worldwide awards, first-place prizes, participation in international exhibitions from the U.S. and Europe, visits to galleries in Barcelona, Paris.

Originally from Lithuania and now living in Cyprus, have you managed to travel to any other interesting locations that have inspired your craft?
I have lived in both of those locations you mentioned. I have also traveled to many big cities in Europe, where visiting the museums and galleries have had a huge influence on my art. I still haven't discovered some of the other continents yet, but it would be great to visit them also.

What goals or objectives do you have in the near future as a Mobile Artist?
Maybe to discover more styles of mobile art and design. Time changes how you see and feel the things around you...

What would you like casual observers to understand about your compositions? How important is it for you to have your work "connect" on a mental, social level?
I'm not waiting for people to understand my work all the same way. It is very personal I think. In other ways, maybe to have them see the conclusion of thoughts I tried to pass on to that piece of work? That's true, connection with a viewer has an important place to me.

What is the most important thing an artist should consider as they journey through life? What would you tell an artist who lacks confidence in their ability?
I think it is very personal. Each artist has his or her own way to stay creative and be inspired. I don't have anything general – each artist is a unique personality.

What would you suggest to someone who doesn't have an open mind?
To open his mind... Or, from my experience, he or she will not even listen to my suggestions anyway, so I think everything is up to them.

Any other fascinating tidbits of information you'd like to share?
That's all for the moment. I'd prefer to surprise you all with new artworks or events. Heartfelt thanks for your invitation and this marvelous opportunity to share my thoughts dear Aaron. Best success!

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What I find most interesting about the works of Juta Jazz, beyond her natural eye for symmetry in motion, is the poetic balance of her compositions. Working through her years of experience in both film and dance, Juta is an artist who has confidence in her direction, her design, and her general creative intellect. She percieves the mental picture, establishes a clear strategy of attack, and executes the visual with delicate precision. Her works are modern, experimental, and appealing to anyone with an eclectic palette. That she is bold enough to make herself one with her art is no less astonishing. Her style and designs are unique to the individual, an artist whose very fingerprints exist in the fabric of her work. For that reason alone, Juta Jazz will continue to find success. She will continue to pioneer the next frontier of mobile artists, always pushing the boundaries, always breaking the rules. Follow this artist now – Juta Jazz – because her name will be around for many years to come...