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Many artists work in chaos. Their workspaces are cluttered, vaults filled with incomplete ideas. How do you stay organized, or are you secretly a mess like the rest of us?
I do try my best to stay organized. However, I would say my work space starts off nice and neat. Then, during a painting or after, you will find a mess everywhere on my work table. You may find paint tubes scattered, brushes here and there, saturated paint napkins all over my table. After the artistic chaos is complete, I always tidy up my space again, so all is well...

While it is safe to say that Kimberly's future is in good hands, there is an additional sense of joy in the fact that she is carving her own destiny. Not one to sit idle, Kimberly is clearly a mover and shaker. She gets things done with efficiency, good charm and a sensible attitude. She understands her clients and makes imperative business decisions. Whether creating illustrations for a children's book or simply satisfying a whim, Kimberly Pelkey will always be front and center with her lovely artwork and personality. Talented, independent, and absolutely whimsical, I look forward to seeing Kimberly progress as both an artist and professional. I truly wish her the best in all of her magical endeavors...

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