Completed in January 2021, Leviathan's Song is a complicated blend of acrylic paints, ballpoint pen and PrismaColor pencil. Natural size is 11x14-inch on Strathmore Bristol Smooth Paper. The final composite is far from perfect, but like most illustrations, it served as an exercise in patience. I wanted the essence of tortured beings, yet I wanted to introduce sharp, mechanical lines cutting through its core as well. Ballpoint was used to scribble wild, organic lines beneath water-thin layers of acrylic. Each layer was carefully built up with a finite, delitcate brush. Standard graphite was introduced in the acrylic to provide a dirty, lifeless texture. The image was then scanned into PhotoShop for additional enhancement. Lines were sharpened and blemishes removed. The final step was adding the hot orange monochrome in the background, thus replacing the inferior painted version. While there are certainly areas to improve upon, I was ultimately happy with the results. Leviathan's Song was one of those rare instances where I had complete control over the process. Start to finish, I had a goal, I had the tools, and I had the confidence. For once I was not distracted by the lure of another creation (very rare). If only I could remain this disciplined on every painting... Below are some expanded views for greater visual detail. Enjoy...

Leviathan's Song 1

Leviathan's Song 2

Leviathan's Song 3

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