Gasmask angels steal the night; a wicker coffin filled with light.

Atomic fury, kiss the sky; melted faces, suicide.

Fascist goblins and bloody trench; a war for greed and money stench.

Forbidden nightmare, my mangled soul; a tortured spirit, kin of coal.

Barbed wire kisses and bayonets; a princess lost, my heart's regret.

Tell my mom I love her so; I'll scream her name, her son John Doe.

No hands or legs or face have I; may worms consume me when I die.

A foreign land and heaven's sake; I pray the Lord my soul to take.

One last burden for brother's keeper; my rounds are spent in anguish deeper.

Tomorrow morning, I'll feel sun; I'll give you freedom and trade my gun.

Per chance to laugh or beg and cry; my hope is lost in tongues that lie.

What's the point of all this birth; as death descends upon its perch.

Place some pennies upon my eyes; for distant lovers and earth gone dry.

To know my prayer, I cannot bare; this silent weeping and cold despair.

A shattered ego, my soul is filth; a piece of paper and mental health.

No longer shall I be defiled; I am your son, your sweet love child...