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Missing In Action is an extensive gallery of uncredited mystery art. While many of these selections are both incredible and kickass in nature, publishers have failed to include proper attribution for the gifted illustrators behind the work. Despite this gross oversight, the Blacktooth Cult has decided to proceed with an honorable gallery for these neglected soldiers. As time and resources permit, these unmarked graves will hopefully be identified, at which time their proper credentials will be transferred to an appropriate art page. Blacktooth knows the road is challenging for artists. For every Boris Vallejo who strikes gold and becomes a relevant hand in publishing, 30 or 40 are passed over and forgotten. It's a damn shame that artists like Jim Thiesen or Robert Adragna will forever be sitting in the dusty old shadows of a used bookstore, their artistic glory dismissed on the whim of bad publishing decisions. Should any of you amazing fans have useful information or knowledge in regards to these unheralded gems, please contact Blacktooth directly. There is no financial reward – only the satisfaction that you have done right by a masterpiece. However, Blacktooth will credit you with a genuine thanks directly on his website, which is more than any lazy publishers can take credit for…