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The sea is a great and wonderful treasure. It is a mystery which gives birth to legends. It is the pathway to freedom, yet a beacon for destruction. While her vast power and glory remains through the centuries, we can only marvel at her stunning beauty. In this regard, we have an artist who understands the full dynamic of Mother Nature's wrath – a special talent who captures the majesty of her timeless presence here on earth. Marina Syntelis has this gift. She pulls from the sea and places these snapshots on her canvas. For those who have no clue about art, it is easy to see this passion comes from an intelligent source. Marina works hard at her craft. She is no less a student of life as she is of canvas and oil. She loves her family and works hard to fulfill her dreams as an artist. I have great respect for Marina. I am confident she will continue to make waves as she emerges as one of Greece's finest contemporary artists. In the meantime, let's simply watch and marvel at her work. It is truly a gift to behold...

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