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How does traditional Chinese art influence your style or motivation?
I am ethnically Chinese and my ancestors came from Fujian Province in China during the 1700s. This was when tin mining and spice export was booming in then Malaya. I am more familiar with Chinese culture as that has been a major influence for me, but I also have other influences such as my Thai and Indian heritage. In comparison, those are not as prominent as they are from the female ancestry side. When you married into a family in those days, you adopted the culture of your husband's family. This has its cons in my opinion, as it seems like you let go of your own identity and authenticity – as if you are selling yourself. I would very much prefer a marriage between the two cultures with equal exposure for the descendants which, in my case, has managed about 60/40 percent of it. I really like my Thai and Indian heritage and feel that it compliments uniquely to my Chinese part 😊 Sometimes I will remember stories that were told to me from these cultures and I'll either infuse them discreetly or make them a prominent feature of my work.

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