Manjit Medhi is a warrior of prose who lives in India. A passionate young man who loves painting and doubles as a tattoo artist, Manjit reaches into personal experience when creating words and imagery. His contemporary paintings and poetry are often metaphorical. His works explore the deeper concepts of love, heartbreak and spiritual freedom. While Manjit's contributions to Reprehensible Digest are greatly appreciated, his paintings and literature provide significant value in the context of exploring Indian culture. We look forward to a bright future for Manjit, the beginning of many good things. Happy reading...

By Manjit Medhi
The windows of my mind,
Squares inside more patterns,
Boxes inside little boxes,
Never ending or beginning from each frame to frame,
Pictures from every part of life they came,
Half remembered names and faces, but to whom do they belong?
Perhaps a celebration or a distant song?
When you knew that it was over, you were suddenly aware,
These boxes needed more than just a simple stare,
Squares inside more patterns, boxing in the boxes,
As the images unwind, like the squares that you find,
In the windows of your mind.

By Manjit Medhi
In the beginning, man and woman were made with righteous, pure motives. Long before modern living and civilization, they lived in tranquillity. Undisturbed by greed or envy, Mother Nature provided them with all things necessary for life. Neither man nor woman worried about magnificent houses or material items. They lived in a fine climate and enjoyed wholesome, clean air. But eventually her thoughts began to stray. Soon came man's inventions – big cities and new things unknown to nature. Such items made life simple, so woman wanted more and more. Eventually her world was turned upside down, torn between the purity of a noble savage and that of a modern woman – trapped forever between her mind and body...