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Standing tall among the greatest fantasy illustrators of all time is veteran British artist Melvyn Grant. Known primarily for his vast catalog of science fiction and fantasy illustrations, Grant has seen his dynamic range of works published on countless records and books. His most popular selections have been associated with successful novelists like Michael Moorcock and Piers Anthony, but he has also produced art for legendary metal bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Born in 1944 London, Grant dabbled in various professions before his amazing imagery began appearing on records and books. His first professional commission was published on Michael Moorcock's 1975 paperback The Ice Schooner. From that moment forward, Grant's unique talents and vision were in high demand. Perhaps feeling comfortable and well accomplished in his craft, Grant continued to deliver intense fantasy and fiction art well into the 2000s before ultimately switching his professional medium to a more digital format. Despite his choice to go modern, Melvyn Grant still possesses a rare ability to reach into a dark and disturbing place where few can go. While many brilliant painters rely exclusively on technique and rigid training, few can rival Grant's imagination and style. His vivid monsters and unique blend of realism make him a well sought after commodity in the publishing industry – a primary reason why this renegade is still well respected and highly regarded among professional artists of his ilk.