CHANGE: Make It So...

Memoirs of the Human Condition
by Yours Truly
Published 05.26.20
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I started thinking about the implications of revolution. I hear it spoken of frequently on social media, as if it were something imminent. I don't think this will happen, at least not in the same way a spark may ignite a fire. What is happening now is the natural decay of order – the complete and total disintegration of our current system of government. Utopia is not waiting for anyone. Change will not be as pretty as people may think. It simply never is...

Yup. It's nice to think about tomorrow, about the possibilities of what could be versus what is. It's nice to postulate on global movements of togetherness where everyone sits around a campfire singing Kumbaya or We Are the World. It's nice to think about a society that doesn't judge one another based on skin tone, politics or religion. What a lovely sentiment, a poignant world view for everyone to contemplate and consider.

Sadly, this will never likely happen, at least not in our lifetime. This lovely notion of togetherness is nothing more than a fairytale, a naïve painting we've captured in our collective conscience. Let's face it, human beings are too complicated. We are dynamic, duplicitous beings programmed for competition and gain. We are trivial creatures, driven by pride and individual arrogance, conditioned from birth to align with Control Group A or Control Group B.

Despite our capacity for love, despite our deep emotional intelligence, we remain petty and tribal. Throughout history, our species has consistently obeyed an impulse to kill, cheat and steal – to absorb what was never rightfully ours to begin with. Often cloaked in the righteousness of politics or religion, human beings have always justified their divisive behavior. Any redeeming qualities have since been diminished by our own appetites for growth and inclusion.

We establish governments to oversee the well-being of nations. This is not always a pretty utopian picture. Every system is prone to corruption. Every heart is manipulated by the desires and gravity of external influence. This could be political, religious or territorial. Either way it is a process which often requires violence as a mitigating catalyst for change.

Indeed, every revolution demands blood. Order will always demand enforcement. It is the lowest common denominator when systems become swollen with greed. Governments are nothing more than engines that break down until a new model can emerge. In time, the system is forced to devour itself from the inside. What was once gold will eventually beocome rust. It is a cycle of narcissism that requires deep cultural conditioning, a pyramid scheme in which the rich will always benefit while the poor remain hungry.

I am not a nihilist. I pray for a better outlook for humanity. I pray for the salvation of hearts and minds, for peace and enlightenment among all tribes. Human beings have never been wise to the concept of unity. Perhaps we never will be. The dinosaurs existed for hundreds of millions of years, mindlessly eating and shitting and reproducing. It took an act of nature to eradicate that cycle. In the blink of an eye, the big lizards were finished…

Yes, we are much smarter and far more advanced than our prehistoric predecessors, but are we truly on a better path towards unity or enlightenment? Are we truly destined for a future free of bickering and hatred? Will we ever create a world where we aren't constantly driven by social hierarchy or material expectation? This is where I remain skeptical.

At the end of the day, we are all flesh and bone. We still fight and blame like our ancestors before us. Technology has not improved our selfish tendencies. It has only accelerated our childish behavior and petty rivalries. We simply bludgeon one another in a much more sophisticated and convenient manner – from behind our keyboards and mobile gadgets. The sticks and stones of yesteryear have been replaced by cheap emojis and Twitter barbs. I know we're better than this, but I honestly wonder…

So, will there ever be a New World Order? Will conditions improve over the crappy establishments or government systems we have implemented today? No and No... It's simply not possible. Why? Because every system devours itself. You simply can't take the human out of the being. No matter how glossy or appealing some new system of government may seem, it's the same old bullshit with brand new flies circling the heap.

Someone with an inflated ego will eventually have to establish new laws and expectations. Someone with an ego will have to lead and someone will have to enforce what the rest of us are expected to follow. These are the principles of any golden new dogma. Period. As soon as one person feels oppressed or inferior, as soon as the seeds of jealousy or discontent are sewn once more, the system begins to erode. Eventually a rude comment is made. Next a rock is thrown in anger. Finally, a missile is fired in vengeance. It never fails. Time for blood. Time for a new system.

It is in our nature to be competitive, but only in the marrow of our dreams may we pray for a better world tomorrow. Human beings can be deadly savages, but we are also capable of healing and love. Only when we set down our torches and pitchforks; only when we stop letting the politicians dictate our behavior; only when we start communicating like civilized human beings… Only then may we actually sit together by that happy campfire. The only question left to answer – who's bringing the cocoa?