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It's not every day you have the opportunity to work with an artist who embodies the full spectrum of their passion. She has the talent, the vision, the wisdom, and the coolness factor all wrapped up in a neat little snapshot. Yes – Missy Burton is the real deal. She possesses all of these traits and more. As an artist, she knows exactly where she stands. She knows what she faces in the world and what she must do about it. She makes no excuses and quietly makes her mark behind the lens. Although Missy is very professional, she retains just enough rebellion in her veins to make you slightly uncomfortable. Indeed, there is a much bigger world out there with a completely different story to tell, and Missy shares this experience through her thought-provoking visuals. She bravely takes her camera into the heart of history. She tells the naked truth from the perspective of a woman and stands proud behind her African American heritage. Missy Burton is an icon and she demands respect. She has certainly earned mine... Please click on each of the buttons to learn more about this outstanding force of nature. Thank you!

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