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The End of Innocence
Poem By Missy Burton

I saw this little girl crying
and this lady trying
to console her and
dry her eyes
She was saying something about
"Good touch" and
"Bad touch"
My ears perked up
This lady needs to sit down and
Shut the hell up
Because the way I see it in my mind is
All touch is badall the time
Especially when you are small
and surrounded by evil ass people all big and tall
Hovering above you like vultures and
Distracting you with candy and
Puppies and
Peanut butter
I know that shit don't rhyme
But sometimes you gotta get your point across
I hate puppies and peanut butter makes me gag and
Naw…it aint no good touch
Aint nothing good about somebody touchin' on me
Especially on my privacy and
I'll be damned if I ever let somebody caress me
Cause touching don't lead to nothing but
Black and blue skin and
Bloody thighs and
Nightmares and
Barren souls and
Invisible tears falling from lifeless eyes
Naw…it aint no good touch
That lady better go sit her ass down somewhere and

© Missy Burton

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