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Although I love all of Missy Burton's compositions, Wawa Aba strikes a dark psychological chord – a personal favorite if you will. The ghostly expression is not only terrifying, it captures the very essence of something sinister. Minor details: the different colors of each eye – one of which is striking blue... the confidence in which Wawa holds her blade... the proper Victorian attire (smeared and dabbled in blood). There is much more than meets the eye here, and this is where Missy excels – a sinister drop of heresy, cerebral to the very core. You must decide for yourself what happened, something diabolical in a time long-since passed. Perhaps this is New Orleans, a crime of passion, of vengeance, a Lizzie Borden style mystery that never made the papers... simply because of the color of her skin. Yes, I'd say Missy has created an atmospheric gem here that demands greater detail, a photographic journey waiting to be explored, the perfect model willing to reprise her dastardly role. The possiblities are endless...

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