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Do you have interests in other forms of art or literature? Any favorite books, paintings or historical references that have influenced or shaped you as a creative force?
I have always been a big fan of African American and Native American history. I love poetry and I'm a voracious reader of both. My favorite photographers are Gordon Parks, Brian Lanker, Mickalene Thomas and Cindy Sherman. I also really like Kehinde Wiley and Genesis Tramaine's work. There are so many amazing artists out there.

How does faith or prayer play a role in your work? Is God an important factor in your life as an artist? Discuss the relevance of spirituality as it pertains to your creative confidence.
My entire creative process is spiritual as I believe my gifts were bestowed upon me by my Creator. I practice daily prayer and I often use meditation to remove creator's block. I have all these muses that guide my creative process – I don't take credit for any of it. I'm just a vessel and for that I'm grateful.

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