I have always been fascinated with photography. From my younger days as a military journalist to present, I have always enjoyed the power of static imagery – a singular instance captured with a gentle click. I have years of training and experience, but I would hardly call myself an expert. I will never bore you with advanced technical knowledge or gadgetry, but I will emphasize the importance of confidence and composition. It is critical to trust your instincts, your eye, and your desire to find those hidden gems. Indeed, there is a world full of treasures just waiting to be explored – it is your job to find them. Each picture is worth a thousand words... every lonely machine, every delicate spring flower... a world of beauty just waiting to reach the mind. All you need to do is open your eyes. Featured here are some of the more interesting nuggests I've discovered in my travels. I look forward to sharing more in the future, but for now I hope these lovely snapshots capture your imagination. Kindest regards – Art.

Yesteryear FilmGrain FauniGena RailwaySpirits IndustrialShadows