QUEENS OF MERCURY    by Nobody Special    05.22.21

Wasted on burnt sunsets, a dying wicker flame eroding from within. Sparks flutter into subtle bits of ash, a slow dissolve. Slipping deeper into corrosion, this metallic dream was built for tin soldiers, a brigade of simple cowards battering at the front. I hear their dying screams, wales of liberty choked in the blood of freedom. They are spoiled in their lies, manic youth rejected in the minds of the yearning.

What naked freaks we are… children born of ice and gas, free to swim in lakes filled with fury. Can you touch my memories? Can you feel my damaged heart? I dare you to ride this broken cloud. My sonic atoms will fill you with light, the gentle nuances of God wrapped in the cloak of your devil-loving smile.

These are the remnants of our destiny, a skeleton upon the beach. Like Queens of Mercury, we march through tragic fields, blistered and defeated, a wicked horse bloated beyond the mile. There is a ringing in my ear, a symphonic plague for the masses, a crying virgin who fiddles for the wayward tramp. She plays with her snakes and deadly apple, a kingmaker stringing the poison arrow for Cupid's fatal bow.

Upon a chance you winked at me… your silver eyes dazzled with starlight fear, lonely drops of acid that kissed my delicate skin. I can't love you now. It is time for me to go. I was never ready for eternity. As paper suns rise in the depths of Hades glow, this frozen heart shall never weep – a liquid touch for the damned that shall never know the warmth of my sweet embrace.