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Born in Brooklyn, NY, Robert Adragna made a solid name for himself in the 1970s and 80s as an illustrator for science fiction, mystery and western paperbacks. His art can be found on various publications, most notably a children's book series known as The Three Investigators – a series which was very similar to Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys. In addition to the extensive Three Investigators mystery series, Adragna's work has appeared on the covers of many legendary authors, such as Fred Saberhagen, Randall Garrett and Barry Malzberg. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Adragna's art is his chameleon-like ability to transcend genres with seemless effort. Adragna was one of those rare artists who could generate realistic and fun imagery purely with his imagination, but could also put his creative stamp on high-quality art for established franchises like Indiana Jones. According to his website, Adragna suffered from various medical issues which really limited his production. Although he continues to keep busy with his art, he was forced to reconsider other career options for a time. It is safe to wonder what the world missed during this difficult period in Adragna's life, to think of what iconic imagery he could have conjured had fate not intervened. Despite his absence during those difficult years, the Blacktooth Cult still recognizes and appreciates Robert Adragna's fine collection of science fiction and fantasy. We wish him the best and will continue to feature Adragna's works as they present themselves.