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Robert Foster was an amazing illustrator in the 1960s and 70s whose brief professional career was grossly overlooked and sadly underappreciated. After spending several years as an art professor at a distinguished institute in San Francisco, Foster settled in Connecticut where he set out to establish himself in the competitive New York market. Known primarily for his explosive sexual illustrations, Foster often created highly unusual depictions of men and women in masochistic scenarios. He was able to seemlessly blend his incredible instincts for human anatomy with surreal slave machinery and overt sexuality. Not only were his subjects fused together by unusual gadgets and bondage devices, they were often relegated to futuristic space environments. It was like merging the polished style of artist James Bama with the imagination of writer Clive Barker. Perhaps the most noteworthy achievement in Foster's career was his crass depiction of Jesus on the cover of Michael Moorcock's novel Behold the Man. While Moorcock's unusual tale had been published on numerous occasions throughout the years, Foster's graphic image of the crucifixion was certainly the most controversial and intense. Though Foster is widely regarded as a science fiction artist, his works have also been published on various mystery and action novels. To date, there are very few resources available in regards to Bob Foster's career. It is widely believed he was in poor health and passed away in 1977 at the age of 49. This could explain the abrupt halt in Foster's publishing credits as of 1975. Regardless, the Blacktooth Cult appreciates Foster's unique talents and humble legacy. It is sad to think of what might have been possible for Foster had he lived a few more years. He certainly had all the gifts and talent to become one of the great illustrators of his time. It is easy to declare that a world without Bob Foster's imagination is a far less interesting world. Please stay tuned for future updates and additions to the Bob Foster gallery…